We are Baptist Grants – July Recipients

Congratulations to our June We are Baptist Foundation Grant Recipients!

Mother Baby Recipients June 2018
The Louisville Mother Baby Team is all smiles with their check.

Notrinox unit for laboring patients for Labor & Delivery
The Labor & Delivery department requested grant money to purchase a Notrinox unit for laboring patients. The unit provides a pain control option during labor for patients who choose to have a natural childbirth. The Nitronox unit blends nitrous oxide with oxygen to allow for controlled and safe pain relief.  It can also be used for other pain control purposes, such as episiotomy repair, external version (turning a breech baby), and IV starts. Nitrous oxide is being utilized at other Baptist Health locations and becoming a standard of care option. This investment will impact more than 300 mothers-to-be.
Number of Patients Impacted: 300+

LaG Vol 2
La Grange Volunteers graciously accepted this gift from the Baptist Health Foundation.

Two Stryker Prime Transport Chairs for La Grange Volunteers & Transport Staff
The purchase of these chairs will allow for safer transport of patients from both entrances when they are visiting Baptist Health La Grange for out-patient services and physician office visits.  Many of these patients are unable to walk the distance and volunteers, greeters and registration clerks are expected to assist with transport.  The Stryker Transport will provide: Flip-Up Footrests to ensure a clear path of patient ingress and egress, which will reduce trip hazards for patients and caregivers; a One Touch Central Brake to reduce bending and reach, as well as anti-tip wheels;  BACKMART Pus Handles—Upright, extended handles will allow our volunteers to position their elbows at an ergonomic 90 degree angle during transport and accommodate volunteers of any height.  These features will allow our volunteers to transport our patients safely, without fear of back injury. Overall, this will provide safer transport for patients, employees and volunteers.
Number of Patients Impacted: 2,000

Additional Grants funded by the Foundation in July:

The Endoscopy waiting room will soon have a new flat screen snapboard to improve patient and family experience. The snapboard will allow family members to track a patient’s phase of care in the Endoscopy department.
Number of Patients Impacted: 12,000

In addition, Baptist Health Louisville received a generous donation of 48 walkers from Gould’s Discount Medical. The walkers will be dispersed on the various units to assist with ambulation.
Number of Patients Impacted: 66,000


Total Number of patients impacted by these grants = 82,300!

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