Meet the Bauers…

Janye Bauer with Parents

Story told by Becky Bauer…

“Bob was diagnosed with leukemia (CLL) in spring 2012.  He was referred to Dr. Ghosheh at the CBC group. I have to tell you walking into a building with the words “Cancer Center” in the title was extremely scary. Everyone on the 5th floor could not have been nicer. Dr. Ghosheh answered all of our questions, and our daughter had quite a few after doing her research on the topic. Bob goes every 3 months to have blood drawn for his numbers update. Honestly speaking the entire staff up there have become like family.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in fall 2014. My doctor in E-town referred me to Dr. Morgan at the CBC group. It was really nice to go to a place where we already felt so comfortable. Dr. Morgan is truly an amazing doctor. He was very positive, upbeat and confident that I could beat this. He made me feel so reassured and determined. I literally trust him with my life! I was assigned a support specialist who explained how the chemo was going to work and what to expect. She gave us helpful hints on ways to battle some of the side effects that I might experience.  She was very helpful. About 6 weeks into my chemo I got a fever. We went straight to Baptist Health emergency room.  We were so impressed with everyone associated with the ER. They immediately took me back to a secluded room, so I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room which was packed with sick people that winter evening. They immediately assessed me, and diagnosed me with neutropenic fever. They got me into a room in Park Tower. Wow, we were impressed!! It was spacious and very comfortable. The nurses were so very caring and concerned with me and my comfort level. That entire area was so nice. They even brought a blanket and pillow for my daughter who stayed with me while I was there. We became even more impressed. Unfortunately, in May I was back in Park Tower with an unknown infection. It was very scary, but we knew we were in good hands!! Again, the nurses were competent and professional. I ended up having double pneumonia which is a side effect from the chemo.  Again, my daughter never left my side. Because of my reaction to the Taxol I was done with the chemo phase of my treatment. Every interaction my husband and I have had with Baptist was positive. It was not just one special department, every department (the office, ER, surgery, the floor unit) was special.

The main reason I’m telling you all of this is when we were going through all of these adventures our daughter was going to school at Bellarmine University.  She knew she wanted to get a business degree, but wasn’t sure what area of business she was interested in.  After following us through our cancer experiences at Baptist Health, Jayne discovered that the medical aspect of the business field was what she wanted to do.  She saw how caring and professional and positive this hospital was and wanted to be a part of it. So now the funny way things happen in life?  Jayne is now the Business Manager of Surgical Services at Baptist!! And she couldn’t be happier!!”

Thank you to the Bauer family for sharing your Baptist Story! We are grateful.

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